jeudi 1 juillet 2010

On my bench...
Travail en cours

C'est l'été et le moment de porter ses cheveux relevés! Vive les chignons! En un seul geste cette épingle géante permet de réaliser le chignon de vos rêves!  Cette épingle à cheveux est née d'une envie : je voulais pouvoir porter mes cheveux en chignon sans avoir à me planter une escadrilles de pinces et de barrettes pour tenir le tout en place...
La photo ci-dessus montre ce pic à chignon réalisé ce printemps, il est disponible là : lucietales'shop

et voici deux nouveaux modèles en cours : 

It's summertime and time to wear your hair up! I love wearing hair buns. I thought and created those hair forks first because I needed one for my mop and couldn't find anything that could hold my hair at once  without having to stuck an army of hair pins on my head. So these are large pins or forks or sticks or combs which hold all one's mop in a bun. 

The first picture above shows the first hair fork that I had designed and hand forged for my little shop, it's made of solid brass with vintage milk glass beads, it's a one of a kind piece, available here.
And the second picture shows the two new designs I'm working on.

You can have a look at some more creative spaces at Kootooyoo's blog

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  1. I think your mop looks simply wonderful held up with your beautiful pins!

  2. your mop looks much more glamourous than mine! lovely hair forks!

  3. Oh that is very clever. Love the pin. Makes me wish I had long hair!

  4. beautiful creation:it's so romantic...

  5. That is very very beautiful ! Love the flower in the header of your blog.

  6. It's beautiful, I'm sure the others will be too. :)

  7. what a great idea!! Wishing I have longer hair too :)


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