lundi 11 octobre 2010

European Street Team Challenge

Last week Nathalie of Dinafragola was hosting the European Street Team weekly challenge and the theme was Pumpkin and autumn fruits, you can see all the wonderful entries at Dinafragola's blog
....and I won the challenge with my Acorn & Berries Earrings (they are listed here)

And now, ladies and gentleman, I am proud to announce the new theme, running from now on till monday October 18th, Paris 9.00pm, please submit your entries once listed via convo (they have to be new entries done for the challenge),

..........drums roll

* the "roaring twenties"

For more information,

8 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic! I will start at once! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations on winning the challenge, those earing are just beautiful!
    And the new theme is BRILLIANT! I love it!

  3. Congrats on winning with these stunning earrings ! Great new idea, now still have to find some time to get started.

  4. Congrats Lucie!
    Will put my thinking cap on :)

  5. well done, lucie, congratulations on winning the challenge! and what a fun theme for next week! :-)

  6. Great theme and a warm congrats on winning :)

  7. Congrats on winning!!!
    What an inspirational theme!!


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