vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Look at what I've found!

Allez, une petite devinette! A quoi va me servir cet objet en fer forgé? et question subsidiaire, quelle était sa fonction première?

Certains d'entre vous ont trouvé la réponse : ce présentoir en fer forgé sera idéal pour mes colliers et boucles d'oreille! Plus difficile la deuxième question : ce présentoir servait à l'origine comme support à nécessaire de manucure!

Do you want to play? Guess what I'm going to do with this object? And a more difficult question : what was its original use?

Some of you did find out what I'm going to do with this cast iron object, it will be a perfect jewelry display! and -more difficult question- the seller assures me that it was a nails kit holder!

10 commentaires:

  1. ahh looks very intriguing... Is it an earring hanger ?

  2. was it used for candles ? Will you make jewelry out of it ? I am very curious to know !
    You live in 'treasury-land' to me ;-)

  3. No Sandra it wasn't used for candles :) I give a hint : it was used by ladies...

    Petronella yes I think I'm gonna use it as a jewelry display! :D once cleaned!

  4. I have no idea what it was used for, but it's gorgeous! It will make a fantastic jewelry display. :)

  5. Was it some kind of boudoir mirror, it seems that it had glass at the triangle place? just a guess :) I wonder what those round spaces are for. Would be great for jewelry indeed!

  6. Whatever it was, it's beautiful--I think Star has a point--it must have held glass--perhaps!

  7. i love the earring hanger suggestion! ;)

  8. Très beau! I though it might have been for displaying necklaces or hanging a set of powder brushes or something!

  9. Bravo for your guesses! JeTaimeVintage you're near it!


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