lundi 15 novembre 2010

un lundi
today's monday

Ce weekend c'était la tempête, le déluge. Donc mon humeur du jour est encore grise mais chaude comme cette laine!
The weekend was stormy, gray but comfy and cozy at home!

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10 commentaires:

  1. Nice and cozy pics! I love the bear!

  2. Thank you Lucie for including my pebbles in your cozy mood board.
    The colours are awesome together!!

    My hometown in Germany is twinned with Lorient in Brittany, went there at least 5 times when I was in school.
    Loved Brittany very much, you are a lucky lady living in this nice part of France :)

  3. What a beautiful yarns ! I would like to knit whit them. Cosy colors !

  4. How lovely! And awwwww, such a sweet bear!

  5. What a cozy and beautiful collection! thank you :)

  6. Gorgeous colors, perfect mood if you ask me :)


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