samedi 4 décembre 2010

La vie en rose...vintage finds

Des boutons en verre sur leur carte d'origine, Paris élégant, une bobine ancienne en bois de fil rose tendre, une rose thé, deux perles en lucite et une poignée de paillettes anciennes en forme de fleurs, un kit à offrir...
C'est ici
Some vintage delicious glass round buttons on their original card, a wooden spool of sweet pink thread, a ribbon rose, two lucite round beads and a sprinkle of antique french floral sequins, a lovely gift to make...
Have a look here

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10 commentaires:

  1. a very original gift indeed ! Lovely !

  2. Very nice collection of pink vintage treasures! Would make a great gift!

  3. what a sweet wood spool, especially in that pink!

  4. I'm a first time visitor but I wanted to tell you how beautiful your photography is. And I just adore those sweet, pink flowers. They are simply lovely.


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