jeudi 25 août 2011

En première page d'Etsy!!!!! Esty front page!!!

Merci à TroisPommesVertes qui a réalisé cette superbe sélection!!! Particulièrement adaptée pour une ancienne bibliothécaire, héhé!

Thanks to TroisPommesVertes my vintage perpetual calendar made the front page of Etsy last night!! I'm so honored to be included in such a great treasury (touché : I was a librarian so this selection talks to me a lot)

6 commentaires:

  1. I must say that this was a great treasury and your clock was very very special too, no wonder it was sold !

  2. Thank you for inspiring this collection! :)

  3. Merci les amies!!!! :D
    It feels good to boast a little (ahem) and to receive congratulations, hehe!

  4. It looks wonderful, and that's a great feeling to make FP!


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