jeudi 1 septembre 2011

And the answer was.....

a label holder! It was used in a parisian restaurant to hold people names on reserved tables!
C'est un porte étiquette! Et plus exactement, le lot provient d'un restaurant parisien et ces objets servaient à indiquer le nom des clients sur les tables réservées.

Max you were almost right! "I can only think that they hold up table numbers so the waiters can see where to deliver meals? " and
The answer I preferred was the one given by Small things little pleasures : "Moustache combs?"

And this is the purpose they will now serve : 
 Display for my earrings! Viktoria and Zara have guessed right!
Des portes boucles d'oreille!

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  1. Indeed ... when you say it ... of course ... simple ... everyday use ;;))) I had a good laugh with the mustache comb too ...
    Btw ... it's just perfect for your earrings, it'a a match !

  2. Of course that's what they are for!! Still, I like your use better. Lovely photos.


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