mardi 13 décembre 2011

Bits of my weekends... (late)...morceaux choisis

J'avais oublié mon appareil photo mais Loïc avait le sien, ce sont donc ses photos, mais certaines sont des commandes précises ;-)
I had forgotten my camera whereas Loïc has taken his. So these are HIS pictures, but some are strongly... how to say, hinted? or maybe I should say ordered, let's be honest ;-)

7 commentaires:

  1. Whoever took the photos--they are stunning! That cat on the hunt took my breath away. I love where you live, Lucie!

  2. So great to live near the sea, looking at your pictures I can really smell the salty breath of air!

  3. Yes Dawn, it's Lois's hat, perfect for the little fresh breeze from the ocean :D

  4. they are just stunning these pics ... and the wood ... I would love to craft something with that, waw !!!!

  5. Gorgeous place to live and you look fabulous! I love all the parallel lines in the photo with you.

  6. Beautiful photos of L' (as usual). I love more especially the one with the cat's striking fur
    All the best, Lucie



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