jeudi 29 mars 2012

Creative space... studio improvement and bangles
Travail en cours... atelier en évolution et bracelets

Un p'tit tour à Bordeaux et hop! Un nouvel établi de pro, un micromoteur (le même engin que chez votre dentiste préféré), un chalumeau de bijoutier avec soufflet et crapaud....

A road trip to the south of France and I come back with a new jeweler bench, a professional torch, a professional hand tool (the same as your favorite dentist)...

et un LAMINOIR!!!! J'en rêvais je me le suis offert!!!
Bon du coup c'est à nouveau le bazar dans mon atelier pour faire rentrer tout ça, surtout que ce n'est pas tout, il y a encore plein de nouveaux outils, sisisi! C'est Noël!!! Fini de faire joujou, maintenat j'ai du matos de pro!

and a ROLLING MILL!!!! I had dreamt about it and now it's mine!!!
So now my studio is again an absolute mess (not seen on pictures). Because I have to make room for all these new tools! And there's some more small hand tools... It's Christmas actually! Now I'm a grown up with grown up tools!

Cream bangles stack boho gypsy natural white tan urban tribal repurposed salvaged set of 7 bangles

Meanwhile I have been experimenting and playing to make some bangles... Not quite grown up, hehe! Here is the first batch, it was so much fun that maybe I'm gonna do some more....What do you think? Here they are.

Entre temps, je me suis amusée à faire des bracelets... Voici le premier set de 7 bracelets, inspiration ethnico-bobo-urbano-rustique! Rien que ça! Tellement fun que je vais probablement récidiver...Qu'en pensez-vous?
Ils sont là.

Cream bangles stack boho gypsy natural white tan urban tribal repurposed salvaged set of 7 bangles

For some more creative spaces, have a look there!

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  1. Fantastic your space, just in front of a window, I'm jealous :)

  2. oh lucky lucie....really fab. Yes grown up and you are so worth it. Think what’s going to happen now.

    Your bangles are cool...just like you.

  3. wow! you were really lucky! This is a professional equipment indeed! congrats!
    and I like the rustic bangles!

  4. ...all of these new tools, and the bench, the room, the ligth, the wood floor--looks like heaven!

  5. Big congrats on all the new tools! Wow!! :)

    And I *love* the bangles. Great soothing colors...Well done!

  6. the bangles look awesome but im sooooooo jealous of your studio!!! a rolling mill!!! I've always wanted one of those just to flatten wire. i dont even have a proper dapping block or vise like i see in the back there... *wipes chin drool*
    but lovely bangles. i really like that fiber you use that looks like ... jute? twine? hemp?

  7. the bangles have an awesome style !!!!! Looooooooooooove it !!!!!!! Pls continue.
    And also your studio looks fab !
    Very very pro !

  8. That's a lot of big tools, Lucie. Very jealous of all that lovely sunshine pouring onto your desk.

  9. beaucoup d'envie :)
    totally great work bench


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