mercredi 7 mars 2012

First flower for the spring
Première fleur du printemps

Broche Fleur métal argenté par LucieTales

Back to basics... Aluminum and brass to form a flower and its leaf on a pin. 
I like how the flower is minimal and yet rustic, not too polished, not too neat... or so I hope, because I've got a problem with the polished, it seems I'm flirting with it and yet I don't like the neatness. I can't do neatness, and I struggle against it....Psychoanalysis my friend, it's all linked to my mother, of course, she was always pursuing me saying I had to tidy myself, I always, and still, have something "wrong" -she would say- in my look or in what I produce... but enough self-prospection for today... The following for the next session!!!

Broche Fleur métal argenté par LucieTales

Retour à mes premières amours, les fleurs et l'aluminium. Simple. 
Une fleur pour le printemps! :)
ou ici

Spring flower brooch handmade silver tones metal corsage pin by Lucie Tales
It's riveted to the pin device (for my friends of the Blah blah blah forum initiated by dear and talented Fanci)

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  1. The flower is gorgeous!
    ....and for me your work has the perfect balance between rustic and neat!

  2. Neat is good if neat is what is really you .i do know exactly what you mean though Lucie... i too struggle with that but should we? Why not work with it instead and watch and see what happens as our style develops and grows. just a month ago I wouldn't have dreamed of nothing less than perfectly lined up wire I am letting it land where it lands organic! still I like neat ... It suits me. Whatever it is that you are doing keep doing it.. Your work is lovely really and when I see it I say LUCIE!

  3. it's so totally you this brooch !!!! I am a big fan of your work. Love it just the way it is.

  4. Ce petit fleur est très belle :) F.


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