dimanche 18 mars 2012

French Flea Market...
Trouvailles au vide grenier

This sunday morning was crisp and rain showers were announced... But I need more than that to put me off a promising hunt at a Flea Market nearby...

Un dimanche matin frais et typique de la saison : giboulées de mars annoncées. Mais il m'en faut plus pour m'empêcher d'aller à un vide-grenier!

The rain showers haven't deceived us but were short.

Les averses ne se sont pas faites attendre, mais très courtes!

And waiting for the chicken and leeks pie to be golden in the oven, I'm showing off my delightful finds.

Et en attendant que la tourte poireaux-poulet dore au four, je vous montre mes délicieuses trouvailles

I like very much these antique wooden stamp holders. I'm going to keep one for myself, the one that says "Payé"(paid) in a lovely cursive typo.

J'aime bien ces tampons en bois lacqué noir. Je pense en garder un pour mon usage, "payé" avec une jolie typo.

 An antique prayer book (1905) and an antique rosary, the beads are a lovely coral opaque glass. And a lovely tiny red enameled tin teapot.
Stay tuned, some of these beauties will find their way in my vintage etsy shop within the next week :)

Un missel de 1905 et un joli chapelet en verre opaque de couleur corail. Et pour finir une mignonne petite théière en métal émaillé rouge.
Pour ceux que ces merveilles intéressent, certaines d'entre elles seront listées dans ma boutique vintage sur Etsy dans les jours à venir

And for more delightful Flea market finds, have a look at Sophie Isobel's blog : Her Library Adventures

15 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic finds, I love the antique rosary.

  2. Great result for your hunts. I love the stamps!

  3. You find the most wonderful things, Luci. I'm sure many of them will be snatched off the shelf the moment you list it--that red teapot, for instance. Stunning!

  4. Good morning beautiful world that is Lucie. I shut my eyes tight and imagine that French antique market and click my heels twice with hopes of being transported there.

  5. its that pouch that the rosary comes in thats caught my eye, but really, the thought of your chicken and leak pie has turned me into one of pavlovs dogs

  6. Wow, just wanting to reach into the screen and touch these beautiful things! Will be keeping an eye on your shoppe for sure! I have a teapot like this one, but mine is red. I found it in a thrift store about 12 years ago for only $2.

  7. gorgeous finds! love the stamps!
    I can hardly wait to visit our flea markets, the start after easter usually.

  8. It feels looking at the pics as I did the vide-greniet-tour together with you ! You found awesome things.

  9. Good morning Lucie and thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog... Merci!

  10. The prayer book and the rosary are lovely! They look like they're from a mystery movie!

  11. Amazing finds, Lucie!
    I especially love the stamps, they are a true treasure! And that tea pot!
    Now I had a feeling that your jewelry shop and vintage finds shop are like a continuation of each other. There is a spirit of antique in both.


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