dimanche 3 juin 2012

French Flea Market finds
Un p'tit tour au vide-grenier

So, what's your favorite find for today?...
Bonne pêche globalement

I quite like the Madame de Sévigné's letters with the red flowers on the cover, or perhaps the little squared tin box....
Des livres anciens, une boite rouge en métal

or these antique french apothecary unused labels?
des étiquettes de pharmacie inutilisées

or these so typical french monogrammed and red striped linen tea towels? Be patient, I'll list them here during the week
ou les incontournables torchon en lin... si vous craquez pour l'une de ces merveilles, soyez à l'affût ici

More thrifting finds at HerLibraryAdventures

9 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic finds, Lucie!
    Don't really know which one I would choose, they are all so cool :)

  2. I will keep an eye on your shop the next week !

  3. great finds, j'aime la boite rouge:))

  4. Amazing finds! I really love the red flower cover!!

  5. Great finds Lucie! Love the vintage books!

  6. So niice! Love them all! Seems it was a good day!
    Congrats for your lovely finds!

  7. Wow how absolutely exquisite, and beautiful photographs to show the detail. Sounds like a marvellous market!

  8. Do I have to pick just one?! The books, the red tin, the labels, arghhhh. They're all wonderful.


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