mardi 31 juillet 2012

Bangles and feature
Des bracelets et un article

 Ethnic chic Bracelets ivoire blanc naturel inspiration ethnique lot de 7 bracelet bobo chic

I've had made another set of bangles following Marina's recipe before going on vacation and at the time the urgent thing was packing and cleaning the house, not listing... I really had fun while making this third set of beige bangles, hand weaving flax, drilling picked up local shells, mixing beads and brass stampings (some of them generously given by Tracy of Pipnmolly)

Un troisième set de bracelets réalisés avant de partir en vacances selon la méthode de Marina, mais à l'époque il fallait ranger et faire les bagages plutôt que prendre des photos et lister. C'est désormais chose faite. Je me suis bien amusée à réaliser cette troisième version, cette fois-ci j'ai inclus des coquillages ramassés sur place, de la corde tressée, des boutons de nacre... 

and I'm thrilled : I've had an interview published in Donaville's exquisite blog Dearest Nature !!

et je suis super contente, Donaville du blog Dearest Nature a publié un article sur mon travail sous forme d'entretien!! C'est ici, en anglais


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  1. These look spectacular! So much fun--I've always loved bangles, and with your natural aesthetic, combined with silver, you have made a beautiful combi.

  2. Beautiful as is all you seem to touch ... Such delicacy.

  3. Lovely article and interview. Congrats.
    Thanks for sharing the link to Nora Rochel too. Her work is inspiring.

  4. beautiful bangles , makes me want to rummage around my drawers for treasures!

    Saw you had wonderful holidays!
    Congrats on the feature!

  5. The bracelets are just so beautiful Lucie, I love them! Every single thing about them is gorgeous, intricate, delicate and archaic. If I wore one of them I'd likely never take my eyes of my wrist! Delightful article, thank you for sharing!


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