lundi 20 août 2012

Nouvelle paire de boucles d'oreille et oursin (suite)
New earrings and urchin

Boucles d'oreille triangle - métal patiné et texturé -

New earrings, vintage filigree riveted on copper and upcycled aluminum triangles

De nouvelles boucles d'oreille, filigrane ancien en argent riveté sur du cuivre et des triangles en aluminium 

and the work in progress, do you remember my star-fish/urchin mutant made using that smelly handmade pitch? Okay, so now I've added some tiny dots and oxydyzed it (oh I never know how to spell this word! One Y or two?)... I quite happy with this stage, it looks more like a urchin now, don't you think? or still a star-fish?... oh well, never mind...

 Vous souvenez-vous de mon oursin - étoile de mer mutant? Cette chose que j'ai réalisé en argent en utilisant la méthode de repoussé avec ce fameux ciment de ciseleur fait maison? Bon, et bien j'ai rajouté un peu de texture, des points par en dessous et des gravures par l'extérieur... et puis je l'ai oxydé. Je le trouve un peu mieux maintenant, moins mutant, plus oursin... non? 

5 commentaires:

  1. Your earrings are super edgy-elegant and feminine!

    The urchin is beautiful...can't wait to see where it goes.

  2. I very much like the sea urchin shape - very organic.

  3. you are a queen of minimalism. and your photography is gorgeous.
    (by the way its oxidize- no Ys. I only know this because i write that word 20 times per day.)

  4. What great finds.... The beads! So luck. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on. Y blog ... You asked me about a book about sticking on metal... I'm afraid you must have confused me with someone Else as I do not have or have read this book... Must be another of Fanci's girls... Quisiam?
    I remember reading that too but cannot remember by whom.
    All the best beautiful lucky lady who lives in a place that seems fabulous beyond all measure... Wow can I come kayaking with you!!
    Xxx cynthia


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