mardi 4 septembre 2012

Vintage french finds and earrings
Trouvailles de vide-grenier et boucles d'oreille

The last flea market of the season was exceptional... I've found some unused beads from 1920s - 1930s, a huge new old stock!!! I usually, when I'm lucky, find a necklace or some medals... These are awesome, some metallic faceted czech glass beads, some satin translucent white...italian maybe? I must do some research to know more about them. The man who sold them didn't know a thing about them... a pity...

Ce dernier vide-grenier était exceptionnel, j'ai trouvé un stock de perles anciennes jamais utilisées!! Quand je suis chanceuse, je trouve un collier ou deux que je défais pour récupérer les perles, mais là! Superbes!! Des perles irisées métalliques à facettes, perles de bohême, des perles satinées blanches, italiennes peut-être? Le vendeur ne savait rien de leur origine ou de leur histoire, dommage....

As I won't use them all, you'll find some in my vintage etsy shop soon...
Comme je n'utiliserai pas tout, vous en trouverez quelques unes dans ma boutique vintage

Some brass cups a lady told me, she bought them in Egypt, very expensive.... Well, I'm going to put them into pieces and upcycle them for these lovely embossed shapes. It seems dubious to drink anything from these edges, no?
Des tasses en laiton égyptiennes, si, si m'a dit la dame. Qu'elle a achetées à un prix d'or dans un souk.... Moi, je m'en vais les découper pour récupérer et réutiliser les motifs estampés. De toutes façons, ça paraît un peu hazardeux de boire avec ce bord en créneaux, non?

A whole roll of hand crocheted trimming and a full box of unused pen nibs, already listed (yes, mam!)
Un rouleau de dentelle en crochet et une boîte neuve (non, enfin ancienne mais jamais ouverte) de plumes, déjà listée dans mon shop, si, si!
French pen nibs - complete unused unopened box - 100 pen nibs

and where are the earrings? ... ah, first I almost forgot that now I've got a Facebook page for my vintage finds and shop, here is the address
Ci-dessus le lien pour ma nouvelle page Facebook pour les nouveautés vintage.

So now, here are the new earrings : the Verdigris blade earrings!
 I've used our new texan Janet's recipe to make the verdigris patina, brass buried in sawdust after salt and vinegar...
Blade earrings - verdigris patina on brass triangle - rustic urban

Donc voici les nouvelles boucles d'oreille. J'ai utilisé une recette de Janet pour réaliser la patine sur laiton. En anglais dans le texte!

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  1. What stunning work! Those earrings are delicious, and your finds, too...the brass cups--can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Amazing finds! I think those brass cups had glass inside it, but I might be mistaken, looking forward what you'll make with them!

  3. Great finds Lucie! And i love the new earrings, the patina and the form!

  4. Beautiful patina on those new earrings.
    Nice haul from the flea market!! The cups are intriguing.

  5. That is real treasure chest :)
    I am not a vintage fan, but those cups look great, they will make great new jewelry...

  6. You are absolutely right in saying this was an exceptional find. Wow... What should I do with those beads?!?!? Oh, you're not giving them to me, sorry I misunderstood.
    And those earrings......... W-o-w.

  7. wow to find this on a vide grenier must be soooo exiting ! I think I would jump up and down if I would find this ;-)))
    Great earrings too ! Ps the big blue ones behind are recycled african glass beads, handmade !

  8. gorgeous old beads...what a treasure! the earrings are very artful and original!

  9. What a treasure trove! LOVE the cups. I'm sure I will love what you do with them even more. Your patina tuned out beautifully. Great earrings.


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