mercredi 26 juin 2013

A hair fork and a studio
Une épingle à cheveux et un atelier

It could have been "a pin in a haystack"... as my studio needs some tidying and cleaning...

 So here is the Ruine de Rome hair fork inspired form a plant in my garden. I thought I would do some engraving but no, I like the simplicity of it with only the texture of the hammering and the irregular patina. The patina is naturally made, I mean that I haven't used any stincky chemicals to make it. It came gradually while working on it and with the torch flame because the leaf is soldered to the stick, more sturdy and lasting than the techniques I've been using previously. It can also be used as a shawl pin.

 Voici donc l'épingle à chignon Ruine de Rome, en laiton martelé, inspirée d'une plante dans mon jardin. Je pensais initialement graver la surface mais non, je l'aime dans sa simplicité.

La patine est naturelle, je veux dire que je n'ai pas utiliser de produit chimique pour la réaliser, elle s'est faite au fur et à mesure du travail et à la flamme du chalumeau car la feuille est soudée à la tige, beaucoup plus solide que les techniques que j'avais utilisées jusqu'ici.
Elle peut aussi être utilisée comme épingle à châle.

and my studio is featured in Handmade Europe blog, have a look!
et vous pouvez visiter mon atelier en allant sur le blog Handmade Europe

Thank you Siany!

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  1. The hair for turned out lovely, very elegant.

  2. I love the hair fork! and it was a fun virtual visit on your full of secret studio, next time it's for the real visit ;)

  3. Exciting new line, I'm curious about what you will create next :)

  4. I love the hair fork too! and your studio is fantastic :)

  5. Beautiful hair fork! And I loved the visit to your studio!

  6. This is so beautiful! I'm so excited to see more.
    It was a lot of fun to see parts of your studio. :)

  7. The hair pin turned out great!

  8. Maisy has claimed the best seat in the house. She is beautiful by the way. Your studio looks perfect size with all essentials within reach, nice window and a cat cuddle couch.
    I want to curl up there myself.

  9. Such a beautiful fork! And thanks again for the tour in your studio. I'm bit envious! :)

  10. The hair fork is so elegant, as your work always is. Loved the studio tour! What a wonderful spot to work in. Your soldering nest is especially intriguing.


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