lundi 23 juin 2014

The Ever Expanding Blog Post

First a huge thank you to the talented jeweller and my friend Marcia who invited me in this blog hop.
If you don't know her and her work I invite you to visit her Etsy shop, I love her jewelry and   her news are that she's working on a new line for Alternative Brides! Here is her blog :

So here are the answers to her questions
What are you working on at the moment?
I'm making sterling silver rings these days, experimenting different techniques and finishes


and I'm also working on some new earrings and some necklaces too. And some brooches. I'm always working on different pieces at the same time. Some I started sometimes ago but need maturing. From time to time, I add something or move one element and that's it the piece is complete. For the "De Profundis" ring for example, I had made the fusing part with the little starfish or barnacle months ago... and it lays there on my desk and a few days ago I completed it.

It happens that I often find the solution while walking one morning on the beach. I firmly believe that the mechanics of the legs induces something in the brain ;-)
For other pieces I need to be elbow deep on my table  and try this and that.
Other times, I have an idea at the terrace of the café and draw something but once in the studio

This journal is the work of my friend the very talented Louise of Bibliographica
at the bench it will become something entirely different. And sometimes I only follow the material, that's what happened with the "De Profundis" ring.
I  am constantly searching for something, in constant evolution alongside trying new techniques. Some techniques I keep practising because I took a liking to it, like the rivets for example, some come and go when needed. I don't plan my work like some jeweller do designing entire collections each season, I'm not able to do so, to create something I have to let go, whereas planning is controlling. I can eventually sort my creations afterwards in different collections because of the inspiration, like the Sea urchin or Shells, or because of elements, like the artisan ceramic drops I love using in my designs, or because of a repeating elements like the found brass eyelets.
I think I just answered the question "How does your creative process work ?" :)

Why do you create what you do?
For me it is a need, when I'm working at my bench I'm here and now, a whole person. It's necessary, I can't live without. Once or twice, I declared "okay, it's sunday, so I'm not working" and then I'm like a lion in a cage, not knowing what to do with myself... right, I can read, work in the garden, work on the renovation of the house but nothing can give me what working at my bench does.
Previously that "need" had taken different forms, drawing, photographing, working for contemporary artists, sewing, designing my garden, but it wasn't as fulfilling and gratifying as designing and making jewelry is. What I particularly like is that when completed and eventually sold, a piece of jewelry will be worn by someone I don't know and this person will give this piece a whole new life, will attach personal meanings and intimate emotions to it.

How your work differ from others of its genre?
Difficult question. I don't like comparison, I don't think it positive, it's even destructive. I prefer to say that I feel or recognize a little something in the work of some artists and artisans that speak to me in a particularly way. 
Among these, I would like to name the wonderful work of Dawn from LaTouchables and of Jiorji of NearlyLost. On the 30th June it will be their turn to answer these questions!

The two pairs of earrings above are the newest pairs I made.

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  1. What a wonderful read! And to see that journal sitting there by the sea full of your ideas is so warming to my soul Lucie! Your work is among my favourites on Etsy. It's always wonderful to see it evolving. My earrings are my lobe-uniform! ;) x

    1. Thank you dear Louise! Your journal never leaves me :) and you know you are one of these artists I was thinking of when saying their work speak to me in a particular way :D XXX

    2. Would love to share this image on my facebook page - it's amazing!

    3. And of course link to your beautiful work!!

    4. Go ahead Louise, my pleasure :D

  2. I love reading about the method to your madness :-) You say it so eloquently--I love your work, Lucie, and I love coming to your blog for that special je ne sais quoi that is coastal Bretagne, and a metalsmithing bench. It's an on-going story, the studio by the sea, and it is mesmerizing!

    1. Coming from you, "madness" is a compliment Dawn! ;-) Thank you! I'm looking forward reading your answers in my turn.

  3. It's really inspiring to found out more about your thought processes and I totally understand that feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself when you take a break from jewellery making. I feel out of place and restless when I'm not working.


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