vendredi 13 juin 2014

Vintage finds

The flea market season is back!! I don't intend to reopen my vintage etsy shop but I can't help scour and ransack flea markets :D
I have a thing with antique cake molds... and some useful finds, a wooden box for notes or tools, some pewter containers to sort out beads on my table... An antique silver brooch and an antique brass bow as supplies

la saison des vides-greniers est ouverte! Je n'ai pour autant pas la moindre intention de réouvrir ma boutique vintage mais je ne peux pas m'empêcher d'aller fouiller dans les vides-greniers. Des trouvailles utiles, une boîte à fiche (ou à outils en bois), des petits contenants en étain pour trier les perles sur ma table... une broche argentée et un noeud en laiton qui trouveront leur place

and look at these beauties!!! so detailed and delicate!! I can't stop admiring them... they were found by Sophie and she brought them back for me to make something out of them! How thoughtful and kind! Thank you Sophie :) I love that when people do think of me when scouring flea markets and other places!

click on the pictures to see them enlarged

Regardez ces meerveilles, si fines, si délicates! Je suis sous le charme!! Sophie les a trouvées et a pensé à moi! J'aime quand les autres pensent à moi en farfouillant dans les vides-greniers et brocantes! Merci Sophie :)

cliquez sur les photos pour les voir mieux!

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  1. Wonderful discoveries! I love the wooden box! :D

  2. I love the wooden box, too, AND the little golden findings.

  3. those cookie tins!! love them! i picture them with tiny succulent plants sitting at the window watching the world go by

    1. That's a splendid idea Jiorji!! I hadn't thought about succulents, I was thing about a wall decoration but my walls are all crowded with shelves so the succulents will love them :)

  4. also...i really need to go to a French flea market when i'm there next...whenever that will be...

  5. You find the most wonderful things....and I do love the feather/fern ring from the last post.

    1. Yes that's also the problem I can't leave a flea market empty handed, haha!!! :)
      Thank you for your comment on the ring :D


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