dimanche 10 août 2014

Perfect holidays
Vacances rêvées

Bricks are red and the lawn is green, everything is alright, except it was scorching hot!!!

Les briques sont rouges et la pelouse est verte, jusqu'ici tout est normal, mais il a fait très chaud sous le soleil anglais!!!

Magnifique demeure entourée d'eau

Mr. Tales looking for shade at Baddesley Clinton
Monsieur Tales à la recherche d'ombre

Visiting Packwood house and gardens with dear Marcia and Fern
We were admiring a huge fig tree, we had to check more closely!

Marcia, Fern et moi, prises en photo en pleine extase devant un mur de végétation palissée.  Nous devions aller voir ça de près! 

The yew trees  and box topiaries were amazing
La partie des topiaires surprenante!

Fern and Marcia in the cool shade of a little shed

Exploding flowers borders!

We spent the most perfect holidays : perfect sunny weather, only two thunderstorms, one rainy morning, wonderful moments shared with Marcia, Fern, Heather, Gas, Michael and Barbara, splendid houses and gardens, a lovely campsite and loads of books to bring back home ! ;-)

Des vacances anglaises parfaites, un temps ensoleillé et chaud, seulement deux orages nocturnes, une seule matinée de pluie, des moments tèrs sympa avec Marcia, Fern, Heather, Gas, Michael and Barbara, de magnifiques jardins et maisons à visiter, un camping très accueillant et des tonnes de romans en anglais ;-)

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  1. Wow that's a book mountain! I will always have such fond memories of our adventures. You and Loic always seems to bring the hot sun with you! The photos of Baddesley look amazing and Packwood too. Hopefully you will be able to show me some photos of Kedlestone Hall, I'd love to see that. xx

    1. Yes, it was great spending time with you. XX
      I'd like to be back in UK, here the weather is rainy and cold, blah! Sure I'll post pictures of Kedleston Hall and Upton House as well in the next post. Hugs

    2. how wonderful that you two were able to meet...what fun..

  2. oh i love it! i miss europe and english gardens. sigh...maybe next summer

  3. What a wonderful time you had & got to share with Marcia and Fern! And just look at all the books!! :) Thank you for sharing the photos.

  4. Looks wonderful, Lucie! So much green and lushness.

  5. It looks wonderful, Lucie...and those books!

  6. Nice hat, Mrs Tales : )


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